About Hope

We are a Radiotherapy Center equipped with world class´ state of the art technology, which makes us one of the most modern in Latin America.

Hope Intl. it´s managed by specialized physicians with extensive experience abroad; we have technicians trained in the US and Europe and we also have within our staff, support members well trained that are ready to give an exceptional service.

Regarding our country: the quality of our weather, our world famous culture and the Guatemalan people´s friendliness, makes of HOPE an excellent option, not only for our local patients but for those traveling from overseas.


What we do?

We bring you the more complete radiotherapy treatments, by means of the more advanced technology, along with the highest professional and technical skills, complemented by a personalized and warm service, aimed to become our distinctive feature.
We comply with all the rules and regulations established in the United States and The European Union.
Moreover, we have appropriate and up-to-date facilities, to ensure your safeness and convenience, and are located in a town´s section devoted to medical services, only twenty minutes away from the International Airport “La Aurora”.


To bring to our patients, with human warmth, the most advanced radiotherapy treatment they can find, provided with professionalism by means of the latest technology available.


To be one of the best oncology radiotherapy centers in the world.


Acerca de Hope

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